Water Recycling Shower | Every litre in gives 3.3 litres at the showerhead

By recirculating shower water in real time we can provide far more water at the showerhead than the shower actually consumes. Our shower gives you 9.0 litres per minute at the showerhead but only uses 2.7 litres per minute to do this, giving water savings of 70%. In addition to the water saving, energy savings of 70% are also achieved because the recirculated is already warm and therefore requires much less heating.

The recirculated water is filtered 3 times and heat pasteurised in less than 25 seconds and then immediately reused. No water is stored in the shower and no water is ever shared between users.

This means we give you a shower that is high on performance, high on efficiency but low on cost with no compromises.


  • Can be installed to match any bathroom
  • Invisible installation for wet rooms
  • Use any suitable showerhead design
  • Over bath installation option
  • Modern tower design option
  • Compact sealed unit for simple installation
  • Suitable for renovation, new build, residential and commercial applications
  • 9 litres/min power shower
  • No cold water on start-up ever
  • Precise digital temperature control
  • Filters, cleans and pasteurises automatically
  • Built in Chlorine filter
  • Will never run cold no matter how many people use it
  • Wifi and Ethernet connectivity for 2 way communication
  • 70% reduction in water & energy consumption
  • Up to 70% lower running costs than a normal shower
  • Digital display showing water consumption, energy consumption and time in the shower
  • Only uses 2.7 litres / min of water for unrivalled efficiency
  • Integrated heater eliminates all storage and distribution losses
  • Green Challenge Global Winner 2011
  • James Dyson Award
  • British Standards Institution Environmental Design Award
  • AAAI Emerging Companies Showcase Winner 2013
  • Popular Science Invention Award Winner – 1 of 10 most important inventions of 2012

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If we are not going to consume less, we must learn to consume differently.–Richard Branson, 2013 Green Challenge Jury Chairman

If we are not going to consume less, we must learn to consume differently–Richard Branson, 2013 Green Challenge Jury Chairman