How it Works

How The Recycling Shower Works



The shower works by capturing shower water before the plug / drain and pumping it through a recirculation circuit. This circuit has three separate types of filter and a pasteurisation system.The pasteurisation system uses the same technique used to make milk safe to drink.

The whole filtration and pasteurisation process takes less than 25 seconds.

Every shower starts with 3 litres of fresh drinking water. When it is running it recycles your shower water from right now. This can never be more dirty than you were when you stepped in the shower.

The recycled water is filtered 3 times, heat pasteurised, diluted with 30% fresh drinking water and then immediately re-used.
When you turn the shower off, it will drain completely and cannot be restarted until it has drained.
The next user gets 3 litres of fresh drinking water to start their shower.
We NEVER store water in the shower.
You NEVER get someone else’s shower water.


Best in class where water output is fixed.

CINTEP”s patented recycling shower technology will provide reductions in water and energy consumption of up to 70% with no reduction in shower quality to shower users.

Where output at the showerhead is fixed or limited through legislation, CINTEP’s technology will provide identical performance to a conventional shower with 70% lower water and energy usage.

Input required for 1L of hot water at the showerhead


Conventional Shower



0.3 Litres

1.0 Litres



50 KiloJoules

162 KiloJoules


Best In Class Performance, especially where water input is fixed

CINTEP”s patented recycling shower technology will provide increases in shower flow rate of up to 230% with no increase in water consumption.Where input to the shower is fixed or limited through legislation, CINTEP’s technology will provide performance of 230% more than a conventional shower with no increase in water and energy usage.

Conventional Shower: 1 Litre in = 1 Litre out

CINTEP Shower:    1 Litre in = 3.3 Litre out


  • Digital display with shower use information – Current time, elapsed time, water use, power use
  • No cold water on start up
  • Ability to pause and restart with no change in temperature (useful for those who shave in the shower)
  • Very precise temperature control
  • Non recycling mode for users who do not want to use a recycling shower

Provide an improved user experience

CINTEP’s shower is a digital system with 2 way communication built in via Ethernet or Wifi, which provides:

  • Real time communication with Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Water and power consumption monitoring
  • Ability to control the shower from a central location
  • On board diagnostics for fault prevention, maintenance and immediate failure reporting
  • Customisable screen displays and real time update potential (hotels can customise the display to their brand AND to the user)
  • Customisable functions and performance through software updates