CINTEP’s shower has 4 main commercial attributes:

High performance with high efficiency
Easy retrofit, flexible appearance

Very rapid payback
Two way real time communication

High performance with high efficiency

CINTEP’s patented technology gives you a shower that produces 3.3 litres at the showerhead for each litre of water consumed.

This means you can provide your customers with a shower that gives great performance whilst you benefit from great efficiency.

The technology is scalable. This means it is possible to provide showers producing 30 litres per minute at the showerhead, using less than 10 litres per minute to do so and therefore still compliant with the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Easy retrofit, Flexible Appearance

CINTEP’s Recycling Shower system is suitable for commercial applications in both new build and renovations. The shower can be installed as an invisible “in the wall” installation or, more visibly as a modern tower to make a statement about your organisation’s desire for sustainability. It’s your choice.

Very rapid payback

UK Prison – Payback in less than 18 months

One efficiency consultant calculated that payback on CINTEP’s system in a UK prison would be 18 months or less.

Military Base – Payback in 12 Days

In preparing a proposal for a trial installation on a forward operating base, payback was calculated at 12 days.


Payback is particularly fast (less than 2 years) where there are high utility costs and / or high numbers of people using the shower each day. The patented recycling technology is designed so that water is never stored in the shower, water is never shared between users and all water in the shower comes from the mains drinking water, or filtered and heat pasteurised water. CINTEP’s shower incorporates a digital control system that enable 2-way communications with the shower (if required) which allows real time harvesting of data pm water and energy consumption plus the ability to control the shower remotely if required.

Two way real time communication

CINTEP’s shower system incorporates both wifi and Ethernet connectivity that allows real time communication with building management systems (BMS). This can be used to harvest information on power and water consumption in real time, to customise the shower user’s experience, to remotely control the operation of showers and to diagnose faults as they occur.

Suitable for many applications, simple to install:

  • Hotels
  • Residential developments
  • Gyms
  • Leisure Centres
  • Cruise ships
  • University Campus’ or other Facilities
  • 70% reduction in water & energy consumption
  • Up to 70% lower running costs than a normal shower
  • Digital display showing water consumption, energy consumption and time in the shower
  • Only uses 2.7 litres / min of water for unrivalled efficiency
  • Integrated heater eliminates all storage and distribution losses
  • 9 litres/min power shower
  • No cold water on start-up ever
  • Precise digital temperature control
  • Filters, cleans and pasteurises automatically
  • Built in Chlorine filter
  • Will never run cold no matter how many people use it
  • Wifi and Ethernet connectivity for 2 way communication
  • Can be installed to match any bathroom
  • Invisible installation for wet rooms
  • Use any suitable showerhead design
  • Over bath installation option
  • Modern tower design option
  • Compact sealed unit for simple installation
  • Suitable for renovation, new build, residential and commercial applications

Off Grid Applications

Work is already underway to undertake military testing on CINTEP’s Recycling Shower. The purpose of the testing is to create a robust, demountable and transportable shower system that provides both extremely low water and energy usage and a great and safe shower experience. These showers will be designed to be demountable and compact to allow for easy storage and transportation but simple to deploy and robust to use. Examples of use include:

  • Military camps
  • Mining Camps
  • Disaster Relief centres

Property Developers, Building Services Managers and Architects

If you are interested in using the shower in residential settings, please see the technical specifications document below.  For new builds, there is an opportunity to negate the need for a hot water service. Please use the Register Your Interest form and we will send you out more information and specifications.

Download Technical Specifications (PDF)